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Mobility assistance

Assistance with Mobility

When we lose our mobility, it can be frustrating as we go about our day. This is where our home care professionals can help you. We assist you in moving around so you won’t have to be as stressed – and you can focus more on your comfort and recovery. Here are the services included in Assistance with Mobility and Function:

  • Ambulating

  • Hoyer Lift Assistance and Management

  • Leg Elevation Assistance

  • Range of Motion and Exercises

  • Repositioning and Body Alignment

  • Transfers to and from Chair

  • Wheelchair Sitting Exercises

  • Colostomy and Catheter Bag Care

  • Compression Stocking Application and Management

  • Vital Signs Monitoring

For a complete line-up of the services available at Heaven on Earth Home Healthcare please click this link.

We look forward to being your care providers at home. For more information or to request for a home care needs evaluation, please call 443-410-8454.

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